Event: 7/8th Grade Meeting

Wednesday, January 16, 3:45 pm

Amazing Women in our Community – GET INSPIRED!!!
Lindsay Linton – photography
Megan Grassel – Yellowberry
Lindsay Dwyer – female skiier
Mary Kate – CEO of JHMR
September Vhay – local artist
Louise Sanseau – local yoga studio owner/product compost expert
Julie Guttormson – Revolution Cycle/Row owner

7/8th Grade GAP! meetings are held on Wednesdays at the JHMS from 3:45- 5:30.
Snacks are provided from 3:45-4.
Phones are put away from 4-5:30

Cost: $20 / per 9 weeks or $50 / entire year
Scholarships Available

For more information and to register, email Jess: gapgirljh@gmail.com

7/8th Grade Meeting

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